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      How To Plan and Prioritise Workload

      Planning your day is so important, it boosts focus and productivity but a big list of things you need to do can feel overwhelming. I thought I would share how I like to plan my day which inspired this A5 Productivity Planner.

      Breaking Down Tasks

      I am a big fan of the Eisenhower Matrix, it helps divide your to-do list into smaller chunks. Setting clear priorities to help order tasks according to their importance and urgency

      • Important + Urgent
      Tasks to do first that have a deadline and have consequences if not completed. 
      • Important but not urgent

      These tasks don't have a deadline but they will get you closer to your goals. They can easily be put off so it's important to plan them in and break down the goal into small manageable actions to do on a daily / weekly basis to achieve them.

      • Not Important but urgent

      If possible, these are tasks to delegate. If you do not have someone who works with you or like me you’re self-employed these tasks may be something you can outsource like an accountant.  If you can’t delegate work maybe you could delegate household chores to someone else so you can focus on work.

      • Not Important + Not Urgent

      Skip these tasks. If they are not important or urgent do you really need to be doing them? Otherwise they need to be in one of the other categories.

      Here’s a helpful diagram to visualise this process

      Eisenhower Matrix to help plan tasks

      How not to feel overwhelmed

      Each day I plan to do only three tasks. Three is a manageable amount and won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. These should be your important tasks you identified above.

      If you have time you can do other tasks from your Important/Not Urgent list.

      What you don't get done can be added to your list for tomorrow.

      Focus on one task at a time

      Having prioritised your to do list it is easier to take one task at a time. If you are having trouble focussing on work, then I would recommend checking out the Pomodoro Technique. It splits work into 25 minute sessions with rest breaks in between.

      It’s a proven way to increase productivity and remain productive for longer. I use this method if I’m finding it difficult to get started on something. Just starting and focussing for 25 minutes allows me to get into a task and often I’ll continue working. Setting a time limit is also good for the jobs you hate or if you find yourself procrastinating.

      Take regular breaks

      I find 25 minutes isn’t always long enough and breaking my flow can sometimes make it hard to get going again but regular breaks are important to maintain focus and productivity so I aim to put the kettle on every hour or so.

      Minimise interruptions

      To help focus we need to reduce distractions....

      1. Mute notifications on computer and phone
      2. Put phone out of reach
      3. Schedule time to check and respond to emails
      4. If you work in a noisy environment you could put in headphones and maybe listen to music if it helps you focus.

      Some of these may not be possible all of the time but I put my phone in work mode which means even if I pick up my phone I can’t procrastinate on social media but I can still receive and make calls. 

      I don’t have notifications on for my emails but I’ll set aside time during the day to check them.

      I like having music on in the background when I work and I have a playlist especially to motivate me if I need it.

      Summarise your Day

      Look back at what you have achieved and give yourself a high five!

      There will always be tasks that don’t get finished or even started, put them on your list for tomorrow or schedule them for another time. Don’t feel bad when this happens celebrate even the small wins so you feel motivated for another day.

      At the end of the day before I switch off, I find it helps clear my mind if I have made my list for the next day. It’s written down and out of my head so I don’t have to think about it until tomorrow.

      Time for ME

      The most important part of the day - self care. Whether that's an exercise class, reading before bed or time to work on personal goals.

      If you don't have time on busy days just planning time to sit with a cup of tea and be mindful without scrolling on your phone can be enough.

      Before I had therapy, I thought self care was just another thing I had to fit in my day and for only when I finished all my work but to do lists never end!  I learned we all need time just for us and something to look forward to, not only does it help our mental health but will enable us to be more focussed and productive. 


      I hope you have found these tips helpful. Why not try out these techniques with some new stationery? and let me know how you get on.

      Check out the range of stationery available here

      If you use techniques that I haven’t mentioned please let me know in the comments.

      Have a great day

      New Product Alert! - Par-Tea Productivity Planner

      Get your priori-teas for the day organised with my new notepad! 🎉

      Based on the popular Par-Tea range I have created a fun notepad to plan your day and write your to do list.

      ​I've also included sections for self-care and to end the day on a high with a space to list the positivities (or positivi-teas) of the day.

      The notepad is A5 and has 50 tear away sheets, each with the same fun design.

      I have designed the notepad how I like to organise my day.....

      Start with your top three priorities (or priori-teas!)

      Having three tasks is manageable and these are usually the time sensitive / important tasks for the day.

      Other Tasks

      If you've ticked off your top three tasks then you can start on this list.
      You may want to add any personal tasks to these lists, this planner is not just for work.

      Time for ME

      The most important part of the day - self care.

      Before I had therapy self care was another thing to fit into my day and only when I finished everything on my to do list, which is never ending!

      Whether it's an exercise class, reading before bed or time to work on your personal goals, we all need time just for us so we can be more productive in our work.

      If you don't have time on busy days just planning time to sit with a cup of tea and be mindful without scrolling on your phone can be enough.

      For Tomorrow

      Use this space to list anything you won't have time to complete and/or a task that comes to mind during the day so you don't forget.

      Notes & Doodles

      Use this section for reminders, notes, doodles or whatever you need it to be.

      High Five

      Write down all the positive things that have happened during the day or write a gratitude list.

      Even if you haven't ticked anything off of your list or the day hasn't gone as planned, this will make you feel better about your day and more positive for tomorrow.

      What do you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below 😊

      Get your Par-Tea Productivity Planner here

      Have a great day 🌞


      Every Purchase = 1 Tree Planted 🌳

      Ecologi logo

      I'm very excited to tell you that I've partnered up with Ecologi so when you make a purchase on my website a tree will be planted! And the best thing is, there is no extra cost to you!

      This week was World Earth Week and a number of my small biz pals were talking about Ecologi who are a social enterprise that fund reforestation and carbon offsetting projects around the world.

      I did some research and I am really impressed with the work they do, which you can read about here. They also make it really easy for businesses to set up so it's all done automatically.

      I am passionate about doing what I can to restore our planet. Little changes can lead to a big difference so I am so excited that a tree will be planted with every order on my website.

      There is a tree counter on my home page to see how many we've planted and you can click through to see the virtual representation of the actual trees planted!


      Illustration by fizzi_jayne of planet earth with a smiley, happy face

      Here are some of the other things I do in my business to reduce the impact on the planet....

      🌍 Plastic Free Packaging

      All orders are wrapped in recyclable paper bags / tissue paper and posted in recyclable envelopes and boxes.

      I use biodegradable/compostable bags to protect the A4 prints. If you have received an order in a postal bag they are biodegradable.

      ♻️I reuse the packaging I receive.

      If you do receive an order with bubble wrap, I'd rather reuse it than throw it away.

      🌍 Most of my suppliers are based in the UK reducing my carbon footprint. The exception is the Washi tape.

      ♻️ My cards are from FSC approved suppliers.

      I am not perfect and I still have improvements to make but I'm continuing to make changes and learn how I can do better.

      Send some love, not just to your partner but friends and family too 💌😍

      Introducing my first new designs of 2021!

      fun and colourful Valentines, anniversary cards by fizzijayne.


      And I'm launching them just in time for Valentine's Day! These new cards aren't just for 14th February, they can be for celebrating an anniversary or to say I love you any day of the year! 

      Space themed Valentines Anniversary card
      Cute lightbulb  illustration on a card with the words You turn me on
      greeting card of an illustration of romantic mug characters with rainbow hearts arching over them. Background is of bright sun rays


      February shouldn't just be about love for your significant other, especially this year.  Everyone enjoys receiving happy mail, right? And I think we all could do with some sunshine through our door. Why not send love and hugs in the post to your friends and family.

      Here are some ideas....

      You are tea-rrific greeting cards with cute teabags
      Greeting card with an illustration of a happy cookie and teabag with the words "Hey Bes-tea!"
      Greeting card with an illustration of a cute orangutan and the words Big Hugs
      Greeting card with 2 happy cute mugs and a rainbow arching between them. Background is bright orange and yellow sun rays
      See the full "Send a Smile" range here.


      Don't forget I can send happy mail direct with a handwritten message. So you don't have to leave the house. 

      Love and hugs

      What to write in your Christmas cards

      Instead of getting cramp from writing Merry Christmas over and over again, here are some suggestions to add a little festive flair to your Christmas messages....

      • Sending warm festive wishes from our family to yours
      • I hope the new year brings you happiness and harmony
      • Wishing you a special festive season filled with joy and relaxation
      • I hope the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your heart and home with joy, now and always

      • I hope Santa is good to you this year because you only deserve the best.
      • Sending you love and sparkle this Christmas
      • I hope your Christmas is as merry as can be, and as special as you are to me!
      • It’s not what’s under the tree that matters most, it’s who’s around it. Every year I’m so grateful to have you there.
      • Mention a funny memory of Christmases past: "Merry Christmas! I'll never forget the time you ..."
      • Yule always be my favourite.
      • Christmas is a very spiritual time* *In your case vodka, gin and whisky
      • I bet yule be drunk this Christmas!
      • I think you're fab-yule-ous!
      • Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Have a wonderful Christmas!

      For faraway friends and family

      • We may not be able to rock around the Christmas tree together, but I'll deck the halls in your honour.
      • Let's have a Christmas video call, I'll bring the mulled wine!
      • Even though we're apart, I hope you have a joyous holiday.
      • You might be far away but you're in our hearts this Christmas

      Christmas Greetings - 2020 edition!

      • I hope 2021 will be the year I can give you a big hug
      • New Year? Yes please! Here’s to better times ahead for us all! Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2021.
      • This Christmas card is packed full of virus-free hugs and kisses just for you! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that we can see you again soon.
      • From our bubble to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

      I hope I've inspired some creative writing for your cards. 

      If you're not sure whether to send cards this year?  Here are 4 Reasons why you should still send greeting cards.

      Have a great day!



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      All cards can be sent direct to the recipient with your message.