End of an Era

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and working out what my direction is for fizzi~jayne. In reality I have been thinking about this for most of last year and I’m now making changes.

The past couple of years have been tough for all small businesses and mine has been no different. Since mid 2021 sales have been declining and costs have been increasing. I have had to get a part time job to ride this wave.  What has made it even harder is in 2023 I didn’t make enough money to invest in new products, which doesn’t give you anything new and exciting.

I am not unique and this is not a “poor me” post, I just want to explain how I have got to where I am today. Running a business is a rollercoaster and I’ve been able to ride it through so far with the determination to make it work and the passion for what I do.  However, recently I have felt lost and in a creative rut. I must be realistic about the cost of keeping the business going whilst also being true to where my passion is now.

It's not all doom and gloom, I’m really excited about the next phase…..

I’m still going to be here, I’m just changing direction.

The past few years I have been enjoying going back to my roots, painting, doodling in sketchbooks, experimenting with different art mediums and creating original pieces of art. My part–time job has helped me realise this passion and given me the confidence to make the decision to be an artist. 

I still want to create colourful and fun artwork, but how I create it will be using art materials and not relying on my iPad. The likelihood is I will sell prints of my artwork, which will include cards. Any other products will depend on the artwork. Most artists sell their work on all sorts of products but I’d look at this on a design by design basis. I won’t be worrying about specific occasions like Mother’s Day or Birthdays etc, unless something I have created lends itself to the occasion.

The biggest difference for me personally is calling myself an artist. I have never considered myself one before, I still feel a bit icky saying it to be honest, but I feel my work has a place in this world.

Acrylic painting inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Easter Tea Party

Easter Tea Party, acrylic painting inspired by Alice in Wonderland


What happens now?

Other than planning a sale of my current range, I want to devote my time to creating art.

I still have a lot of details I need to work out, for example, will I still refer to myself as fizzi~jayne? What do I do when I have created some art?  Am I doing the right thing?

What I do know is that I will bring you with me on this journey. I hope you will stick around.

In the meantime, I have stock of all your faves and I am having an “End of an Era” sale, click here for more details. 

Painting of 3 cacti in Gouache

Recent painting from my sketchbook. Painted in Gouache


fizzi~rewards will be ending on 4th April 2024

As this is an end of an era, it will also be the end of fizzi~rewards.

Any points you have will need to be redeemed by 4th April 2024. After this date the loyalty scheme will close and points cannot be redeemed. 

To check how many points you have, log in to your customer account. Next Click on the "Your Rewards", this will show you a complete list of the rewards you've earned.

What do you think to this news?

I’d love to hear your thoughts? Please comment below

Image of a cat in a basin painted in watercolour

Watercolour painting of my friend's cat hanging out in his favourite place, the bathroom basin.

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