Is Sending a Greeting Card Still Important?

4 Reasons Why it's still important to send a card

In this technological age it is so easy to send a text, email or message on social media to keep in touch but nothing can beat a card landing on your door mat to instantly brighten up your day. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because, it is a sure way of bringing a smile to your face.  It would be difficult for an email to create the same emotional response.

Four reasons why sending a card is still important

  1. Improves your brain power

Yes really! There have been several studies that highlight the benefits of regularly writing out words and sentences compared to typing them.

Handwriting allows you to think more thoroughly about the information you’re recording, focusing the brain on what’s important. It encourages you to expand upon your thoughts and form connections between them.

Typing, on the other hand, involves just selecting letters by pressing identical-looking keys

Not convinced or what to know more? I found this article really interesting: “Why you Learn More Effectively by Writing Than by Typing”.

  1. Shows we Care

Sending a card brings the knowledge that someone cares enough to take the time to pick a card, write a personal message and mail it. The card is also a constant reminder for as long as they display it. Every time your loved one walks into their lounge, they see a collection of greeting cards and is reminded they are loved. How often do you look back at emails and feel that joy?


  1. Gives them something to keep.

A card can be kept forever, emails and messages are soon forgotten and aren’t always kept.  I always keep special cards and I have customers who have told me their loved ones have framed them! I love hearing feedback like that.


  1. Keeps with tradition

If you think about some of the most important life events that happen each year or during a lifetime, so many of these are celebrated with a card (sometimes with a gift).

The custom of sending greeting cards is thought to have been introduced by the ancient Chinese. Emperors would send good wishes for the New Year within their courts, as it was believed that this would help keep the legendary beast “Nian” at bay.

The early Egyptians are said to have sent greetings on papyrus scrolls. By the early 15th century, handmade paper greeting cards were being exchanged in Europe. The wealthy would present their true loves with Valentines cards or cards to ask for their hand in marriage.

It wasn’t until 1840 however, that the act of mailing greeting cards to others really gained momentum. The introduction of postage stamps meant that greeting cards could be made affordable for all.

Fun Fact: The postage stamp as we know it today, along with the postal reform, was created by Sir Rowland Hill who was born in my home town of Kidderminster!

Kidderminster Town Sign from Severn Valley Railway


The sending of a greeting card has been a tradition for centuries and its popularity continues.

The UK public are spending more on greeting cards than ever before. On average, each person will buy 33 greeting cards per year, that’s more than any other nation.  Clearly, we are a thoughtful nation!

I may be biased but I have always loved choosing or making cards for my loved ones and now it’s my business.


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