New Product Alert! - Par-Tea Productivity Planner

Get your priori-teas for the day organised with my new notepad! 🎉

Based on the popular Par-Tea range I have created a fun notepad to plan your day and write your to do list.

​I've also included sections for self-care and to end the day on a high with a space to list the positivities (or positivi-teas) of the day.

The notepad is A5 and has 50 tear away sheets, each with the same fun design.

I have designed the notepad how I like to organise my day.....

Start with your top three priorities (or priori-teas!)

Having three tasks is manageable and these are usually the time sensitive / important tasks for the day.

Other Tasks

If you've ticked off your top three tasks then you can start on this list.
You may want to add any personal tasks to these lists, this planner is not just for work.

Time for ME

The most important part of the day - self care.

Before I had therapy self care was another thing to fit into my day and only when I finished everything on my to do list, which is never ending!

Whether it's an exercise class, reading before bed or time to work on your personal goals, we all need time just for us so we can be more productive in our work.

If you don't have time on busy days just planning time to sit with a cup of tea and be mindful without scrolling on your phone can be enough.

For Tomorrow

Use this space to list anything you won't have time to complete and/or a task that comes to mind during the day so you don't forget.

Notes & Doodles

Use this section for reminders, notes, doodles or whatever you need it to be.

High Five

Write down all the positive things that have happened during the day or write a gratitude list.

Even if you haven't ticked anything off of your list or the day hasn't gone as planned, this will make you feel better about your day and more positive for tomorrow.

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below 😊

Get your Par-Tea Productivity Planner here

Have a great day 🌞

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