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      Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Wants Nothing!

      When you ask your Dad what he would like for Father's Day, does he answer with "nothing"?

      Not very helpful when you want to show your appreciation on Father's Day, but it's ok, I have some ideas for you that feature my products but also ideal gifts from other UK small businesses.

      For Coffee Loving Dads

      Shop Coffee Range.


      If your Dad loves his coffee then why not treat him to a new mug and coaster?

      The mug and coasters are available as a gift set or individually. The best thing is they have been reduced to clear but your Dad doesn't have to know that!

      To make the mug / coaster more special you can treat him to a Chocolate and Coffee Gift Box by Coffee and Kin

      Coffee & Kin Chocolate and Coffee Gift Set

      Image source Coffee & Kin

      You can buy this set as a one off purchase or as a subscription. Coffee and Kin are based in the North-East of England and created their own specialist grade coffee beans, ground and pods. Their capsules are compostable and eco-friendly.

      For Tea Loving Dads

      Shop Par-TEA range


      These mugs and coasters can also be bought as a set or individually.  

      Biscuits are a perfect combo with tea and you can find beautifully decorated biscuits that can be personalised at Honeywell Bakes.

      World’s Greatest
      Image source Honeywell Bakes
      I bought my Mum Honeywell Biscuits for her birthday and they looked too pretty to eat!
      Or maybe your Dad could do with help getting organised and getting his priori-TEAs in order....

      Beer Drinking Dads

      If Tea and Coffee aren't your Dad's cup of choice then what about a mixed case of beer from the First & Last Brewery?
      Mixed Case of F&L Bottles
      The First and Last are a micro brewery based in Northumberland. I bought my husband some of their beer for his birthday and he really enjoyed them, so if your Dad likes craft beer do check them out.
      Obviously his beer will need a coaster!

      For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth

      Or you could fill a mug with his favourite sweets

      Colourful mug with rainbow and happy mug design filled with quality street chocolates

      Don't Forget a Father's Day Card

      FAB DAD Scrabble Inspired Card


      Father's Day Card from the Dog


      I also have a range of cards available to buy on Thortful and you can add a gift to your order.

      They have a large range of gifts to choose from like socks, cufflinks, beer, gin, whiskey, spice subscription. You are spoilt for choice.

      This design is exclusive to Thortful

      Best Dad in the Universe

      I hope I have given you some ideas to help you find a perfect gift for your Dad.

      Still struggling? Please support small businesses where you can and check out the unique products from British designers on Etsy and Not On the High Street.

      Have a great day!

      fizzi~jayne signature

      How To Make A Mug An Extra Special Gift

      I think mugs are a great gift, everyone needs one and when you don’t know what to get someone it’s perfect! 

      Sometimes a mug is not enough and what I have done for friends and family in the past is put together a coffee / tea / hot chocolate gift package.

      Here are some suggestions of what you could include by independent, small businesses and based on either my own shopping experience, people I know through the Indie biz world or I have been recommended. 

      Gifts for those who like to Par-TEA!


      Independent Tea Companies

      Very Craftea

      Treat them to some loose leaf tea or a starter kit from Very Craftea. You can even gift a subscription.

      Their packaging is bio-degradable and the tea is sourced from one supplier who gives 50% of their profits to address the issue of educational development in and around the under-served tea growing region of Darjeeling.

      Image Source Very Craftea


      Katie from Nauteas blends her own teas inspired by her travels. You can create a gift set with a choice of two teas or personalise a tea caddy for an extra special gift.

      Image Source Nauteas



      Great for new Mums. This tea brand was created specifically for new Mums by Marina, using her MSc in medicinal plants and knowledge of herbs and natural remedies to make the challenges of motherhood a little less stressful one cup of tea at a time.  Organic, plastic free and ethically sourced. There are also teas suitable for the kids.

      Image Source Nipper and Co


      Something to go with their cuppa

      Partea mug and shortbread with a crochet blanket and mug

      Biscuits are the perfect partner for a cup of tea

      Sweet Wot Nots kindly sent me some yummy goodies including their amazing Granny Franny's shortbread. It was probably the best shortbread I've ever had (they have not paid me to say this!). 

      If you want to send personalised or decorated biscuits check out Honeywell Biscuit Co. I gave their biscuits to my Mum for her birthday and they looked too pretty to eat.  They also do a tea and biscuit subscription

      Image Source Honeywell Biscuit Co



      Every mug needs a coaster, right?!

      You can buy the Par-Tea mug and two coasters as a set for £16. 


      The Time to Par-Tea coaster is also available separately here.

      Coffee lovers



      Independent Coffee Companies

      Perky Blenders

      Give them the gift of a specialist coffee subscription by Perky Blenders

      Image source Perky Blenders


      Perky Blenders is family run and in the last few years, they’ve been featured in the Indy Best’s ‘Best Coffee Subscription Services,’ and have recently won two Time Out Awards as the ‘Best Coffee Place’. 

      Lomond Coffee x Cat Food Cakes

      Image source Cat Food Cakes

      Lomond Coffee is run by two sisters who are coffee roastery specialists and have two cafes in South London. They have just developed a special blend to go with Cat Food Cakes signature brownies, which are amazing!

      Cat bakes handmade treats for mail order and also has a subscription box.  I have had a few of her cakes and they are divine! 

      Cat kindly sent me a box of her brownies with the new coffee and they did not disappoint. The smell of the box was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through the different flavours of brownies with my coffee. The brownies are good for 10-14 days but I can't imagine anyone waiting that long to eat them, I managed to make them last about 4 days!
      You'll save £6 when your buy the coffee with any mail order cake box, no code required.


      Check out the rest of Lomond Coffee blends here.

      Something sweet with their coffee?

      I don’t know about you but I think coffee and chocolate go together perfectly (as well as brownies!).

      Lucocoa chocolate   

      Amarachi is the first bean to bar Chocolatier in London.  She makes everything with coconut sugar and lucuma, a fruit from Peru, so no nasties or refined sugar. 

      Amarachi uses high quality beans that are responsible sourced and she knows which farm they have come from.

      Image Source Lucocoa Chocolate


      And of course I have coasters to go with the coffee mug! You can also buy them as a gift set


      Hot chocolate Lovers

      Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in a colourful and cute mug

      Such Sweet Wot Nots kindly gifted me their luxury hot chocolate spoons.  They were so yummy, the chocolate is so smooth and rich. The spoons are wooden so they can be recycled. I added the cream because if you are going to go luxury you need squirty cream, right?!

      Using real chocolate is the only way to make a hot chocolate now in our house!


      Other ideas to add to make the gift of a mug more fun and special


      Hot drink stirrers

      I love these Alcoholic hot drink stirrers by Holly’s Lollies, you can add them to coffee, hot chocolate or a hot cocktail! 

      Image Source Holly's Lollies


      Perk U Latte have a selection of non alcoholic sugar spoons.  A twist on traditional coffee syrups, adding a bit of fun to coffee.

      Image Source Perk U Latte 


       Or, you can simply fill a mug with their favourite sweets.


      I hope this has given you lots of ideas to make a mug a more fun and special gift.




      Disclaimer: The Shortbread and Luxury Hot Chocolate Spoons were kindly gifted to me by Such Sweet Wot Nots and the Lomond Coffee and Brownies were gifted by Cat Food Cakes.  Neither have asked or paid me to feature them in this blog post.

      Happy International Coffee Day!☕

      As it's International Coffee Day, I thought it’d be fun to show you the original sketches and doodles that became the I Need Coffee range

      sketches of kawaii style coffee cups, mugs and a donut

      I may be happy and positive most of the time but not first thing in the morning!

      I can’t start my day without a freshly brewed coffee. My personal caffeine addiction was the inspiration to draw cute coffee cups.

      I came up with "I Don't Need a Motivational Quote, I Need Coffee" as I was looking through Instagram whilst making my morning coffee. The uplifting quotes I saw were annoying me. Normally I am all for an inspirational quote, my desk is surrounded by them, but I was grumpy because I needed coffee!

      calligraphy practice page

      Everything I do starts with a pencil drawing in my sketchbook, but before I had an iPad everything was drawn in pen again and again until good enough to scan it in to the computer.  Which is why I have lots of practice pages of the quote.

      Having an iPad can now speed up that process. I still finesse the drawings and add colour on the computer.

      It’s fun to look back and see the initial idea/doodle and how it became a real product.

      Hope you enjoyed seeing inside my sketchbook. 

      Before I go, remember....

      Kawaii style illustration of a coffee mug with the quote, you are capable of great things, you can make your coffee before you've had your morning coffee

      Check out the I Need Coffee Range here

      Have a great day!