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      Happy International Coffee Day!☕

      As it's International Coffee Day, I thought it’d be fun to show you the original sketches and doodles that became the I Need Coffee range

      sketches of kawaii style coffee cups, mugs and a donut

      I may be happy and positive most of the time but not first thing in the morning!

      I can’t start my day without a freshly brewed coffee. My personal caffeine addiction was the inspiration to draw cute coffee cups.

      I came up with "I Don't Need a Motivational Quote, I Need Coffee" as I was looking through Instagram whilst making my morning coffee. The uplifting quotes I saw were annoying me. Normally I am all for an inspirational quote, my desk is surrounded by them, but I was grumpy because I needed coffee!

      calligraphy practice page

      Everything I do starts with a pencil drawing in my sketchbook, but before I had an iPad everything was drawn in pen again and again until good enough to scan it in to the computer.  Which is why I have lots of practice pages of the quote.

      Having an iPad can now speed up that process. I still finesse the drawings and add colour on the computer.

      It’s fun to look back and see the initial idea/doodle and how it became a real product.

      Hope you enjoyed seeing inside my sketchbook. 

      Before I go, remember....

      Kawaii style illustration of a coffee mug with the quote, you are capable of great things, you can make your coffee before you've had your morning coffee

      Check out the I Need Coffee Range here

      Have a great day!