I do love a planning session! 😊

January is usually the month for businesses to reflect and plan for the year ahead and I’ve been doing just that! 😊

2019 was an exciting year and there was a lot going on. Firstly I rebranded, fizzi~jayne makes became fizzi~jayne with a new look and more focus on my illustrations.

fizzi jayne logo with pencil

Then came four new ranges including brand new products, such as mugs, badges and A4 prints that I’ve not offered before.

Time to Par-Tea Mug

Shop Par-Tea Range

Shop "I Need Coffee" Range

Shop Tequila Inspired Range

I attended my first big event, The Herts Show. This was quite an investment, not just the stall fee but everything I needed for my display and enough stock for the two days. Unfortunately, it wasn’t profitable but I did enjoy the show and it was great to see people’s reaction to my new ranges. I won’t be doing it this year but it is one to keep on my radar for the future as you can’t always judge events like these from the first time.

In June I did a course with Amanda Perry who runs the agency Soup Social, which led to me launching a brand new website, where you are now! I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to build. Since the course I’ve joined Amanda’s Ecomm Growth Group to help me grow my business in 2020.

With all the excitement and energy I put into my business last year I didn’t look after myself very well, I was just too motivated and enjoyed what I was creating. I worked most weekends and evenings, I was comfort eating and exercising less. I noticed I was getting more colds and bugs than usual and at the times I really couldn’t afford to be ill! By Christmas I was drained. So, this year I’ve promised myself I will look after myself better.

So, for 2020 I plan to….
…. Revert back to healthier habits. They're nothing drastic, just eating healthier and exercising more, not just for my physical health but for my mental well-being.

I’m running a half marathon at the end of March so I have to exercise more! 

Another way I want to look after myself is by having more structured hours (even though I’m writing this as 11pm!) and definitely time away from work at the weekends. This will give me time to be creative just for me. I've been joining in with #MakingArtEveryday by Lisa Bardot. The focus is on digital illustrations on the iPad and as I am new to using a tablet for artwork this is great for practicing, trying out the brushes and learning new techniques. However, there may be days where I use the prompts to get out my art materials, so I'll probably mix it up.

This is one of my favourites I've illustrated so far....

sundae illustrated by fizzijayne for #MakingArtEveryday

I've not been able to keep up the daily challenge but I'm dipping in and out when I can and sharing what I do on Instagram and Facebook. Even if it's not a perfect masterpiece I want to enjoy and share the process and not worry if it's "good enough".

Plans for fizzi~jayne

There was a lot of change and newness last year so I’m not planning to change too much this year. That’s not to say I haven’t got ANY plans! Of course I have ideas for new illustrations and new types of products. When I start working on them I’ll share them with you.

I want to start stocking my ranges in more shops, I currently have a selection of my cards in No3 in Royston and want to see more of my products in independent stores around the country.

That should keep me busy alongside the day to day rollercoaster of running a creative business.

What plans have you made for 2020? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day!




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