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      Update from fizzi HQ with some newness in the shop

      It's a strange, uncertain world at the moment and I hope you are keeping safe and well, both physically and mentally. 

      I like this space be a happy place but I wanted to keep you up to date with what I am doing at fizzi HQ. I have a page dedicated to let you know what measures I am taking to keep my lovely customers, as well as myself, safe. You can read my full Covid-19 update here

      Obviously it’s a very fast moving situation and so I'm keeping up to date with news and government advice and will do what’s recommended. If there are any changes, if my processing times change or there are any changes to Royal Mail’s service, I’ll update you on this page, Facebook and via my newsletter with any new developments. 
      If you have any concerns about ordering from me please get in touch.

      Business as usual
      Clearly these are strange times and part of me doesn't want to bother anyone while we’ve got so much on our minds. However, at the same time I want to keep my business going and continue brightening up your day - I think we all could do with some positivity and a giggle.

      I’ve made a decision to continue as normal, as much as possible and of course, within reason. Therefore I will continue to send happy emails, I will be on Instagram and Facebook sprinkling joy and colour to brighten up your day but also for my own sanity.

      NEW in the Shop

      I've added extra options in my shop which will help you stay connected with your friends and family with happy mail....

      💌 I can send cards direct to the recipient handwritten with your message.
      💌 On all other items you can add a gift message and I can send any product to any address.

      There is no extra charge for handwritten messages. Before adding your card/gift to your basket just select where you would like me to send them and if you have chosen to send directly to the recipient, an option will appear for you to type your message. 

      💌If you don't have time to organise a gift or you're not sure what to buy someone, you can now buy a digital gift card. This is emailed to you straight away so you can email it on.

      You can purchase gift cards here.

      You don't have to miss anyone's birthday and you can let loved ones know you are thinking about them.

      Next week I will be sharing a FREE colouring page with you. My happy email subscribers will get it first so if you can't wait you can sign up here

      Until then....

      Keep safe, stay at home and look after each other!

      Be More Dog 🐶

       Be more dog illustration with black cockapoo

      To dogs life is amazing! They live in the moment and find joy in the smallest of things. For my dog, Jenson, running around a field is amazing!

      He can't understand the stresses of the world or how humans can get bored, so here are his wise words for a happy life:

      • When loved ones come home, run to meet them, they are the most important thing in the world.
      • Be loyal.
      • Enjoy a long walk.
      • Start the day with a good stretch.
      • Take naps.
      • Play daily, take time for fun.
      • When happy, dance around and wag your whole body.
      • Say hello to everyone (but don't sniff their butts!) Acknowledging someone and smiling can make their day.
      • Never pretend to be something you’re not.
      • When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and snuggle.

      BE MORE DOG 🐶

      These are some of my observations of Jenson and his friends but I also have been inspired by the poem, Be More Dog by Rev Kenny Borthwick.

      We may have more going on in our lives to contend with, compared to our canine companions, but that makes it even more important to find moments of joy.

      Before I go I want to share a couple of Instagram accounts that make me smile. If you love dogs you have to check out these:

      Thoughts of Dog

      Boop My Nose

      They will definitely brighten up your day 🐶

      What brings you joy? Let me know in the comments.

      Have a great day!