About fizzi~jayne

Fiona Rheinberg, illustrator and founder of fizzi~jayne

Who is fizzi~jayne?

fizzi~jayne was founded by me, Fiona.  My business name can confuse people and I get called Jayne a lot, which is fine. It is a play on my name - Fizz was my nickname at school and Jayne is my middle name. I will respond to Fizz, Fiona, Fi or Jayne.

🌈 My aim is to bring colour and joy to your day. My illustration style is fun and young at heart, like me!

I believe colour can improve your mood.
When I worked in the corporate world it was so 'grey' and I would have photos and trinkets on my desk that brought me joy so I now design a lot of products (and I want to keep growing my ranges) to bring a ray of sunshine to all areas of life.
🌳 I am passionate about doing what I can to restore our planet.
I am always trying to find ways in my business and personal life to reduce my impact on the planet. I believe we can all make small changes that will lead to a big difference.
I've partnered with Ecologi who are a social enterprise that fund reforestation and carbon offsetting projects around the world. For every purchase made on my website a tree will be planted.  You can read more about my partnership with Ecologi and how it works in this blog post where you can also read the other steps I take to reduce the impact I have on the planet 🌳
🧠 Being creative has helped me when I have suffered with my mental health. I try and be open about this and talk about it especially in regards to my OCD as this can still have a stigma. I am conscious of the fact my brand is about joy and being cheerful but at the same time my business is a by-product of my efforts to heal and find positivity where I can, using colour and fun!
My creativity is where I focus my energies when I need to alleviate stress and anxiety. I hope I provide you with a much needed place to escape (especially at the moment) - full of colour and joy ❤️


Where did it all start?

I've always been creative, I went to art college and studied Fashion at University but my love for drawing and card making started from a very early age.

Just look at this Mother's Day card I made my Mum when I was A LOT younger!

 Mother's Day card from 1991

and look at the branding on the back of the cards I made, it was a sign, right?!

 fizziy cards branding

I like to think my drawing skills have improved!

After University I joined the corporate world of retail, working in buying and marketing roles. This was office based and I was doing a lot of work on spreadsheets. I started making cards for a hobby to keep the creative juices flowing. I made my wedding invitations and became quite crafty, learning to crochet and starting to draw & paint again.

So how did a hobby become a proper business?

It was when I was writing features and benefits for toilets, I started questioning my life choices, this was not the dream!

With the encouragement of my friends and family I started selling my cards online. 

It took a restructure at work to give me the push I needed to focus on my business and realise what I wanted, which was (and still is) to be my own boss and have a creative job.

The business all started from a tiny desk in my spare room. As the business has grown, I've slowly been taking over the room and it is now my home office / studio. I'm originally a Midlands girl but I'm now based in a pretty village in Hertfordshire, in the UK. 

I am a one woman band, as well as illustrating and designing, I am the one that lovingly packages your orders and takes them to my local post office. I am also the administrator, cleaner, marketing exec, customer services and dog walker for Jenson, and I love it! (except maybe the cleaning!).

Black cockapoo dog in a field

Jenson gets featured a lot on my social media channels, I think he's more popular than me!

Originally when I started my business, I used to make everything but as my business grew, I needed to outsource some of the production. Everything you see in my shop is designed by me, but items are now manufactured by other businesses. This has allowed me to broaden my product range and in 2019 I launched mugs!

Par-tea mug fizzi jayne
And stationery in 2020!
fizzi~rainbows collection a5 notepad, A6 stickers Washi Tape colourful mug


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